Quang Ngai Sports Complex
  • Speciality: Architecture
  • Type: Public
  • Year: 2013
  • Location: Quang Ngai
  • Total area: 123,200 m2
The concept for the Quang Ngai Province Sports Complex project was to implement the creation of a center containing an open stadium and indoor sports facilities, as well as a venue for cultural and social activities for local communities. The project is developed on two main axis: North-South and East-West. A 32 metre-wide road marks the North-South axis along the Tra Khuc river. The East-West axis extends a 10.5 metre-wide street, starting from the new city center at the East to the stadium at the West. The sports complex is composed of 3 main building: The main stadium with a capacity of 20,000 seats on two tiers, the multipurpose sports arena and finally the aquatics center. The main stadium is located at the East of the site, with its main entrance and ‘A’ stands facing the central plaza