SGT Tower
  • Speciality: Architecture
  • Type: Mixed Use
  • Year: 2018
  • Location: Hanoi
  • Total area: 75.500 m2
In the design of many modern office tower in Vietnam, we are often met with the conventional plan of a partially or fully glazed building facade. Undoubtedly, glass is an architectural element able to create stunning aesthetic effects, but to make a project unique, to create an extraordinary image with ordinary material, the architects are required to propose an architectural language that defines the essence of the building. The Saigontel Tower project is a 30-storey office tower with a concept and volume reminiscent of a symmetrical diamond. The building, located in the center of the land, provides on all of its four sides multiple points of view and vistas, creating uniformity and completeness. Energy-saving solutions are designed following environmental criteria, with shading on two sides of the tower reducing solar reflection of neighboring high-rise buildings at the front and back. In addition, the project offers a striking view on the surrounding area with the use of glass materials, combined with the structural beams along the building facade, arranged in a balanced ratio, achieving architectural harmony