Gardens of Love and Serenity
  • Speciality: Urban Planning Design
  • Type: Public
  • Year: 2005
  • Location: Lam Dong
  • Total area: 23,4 hectares
The city of Dalat is located in the Lam Vien plateau in the South of Vietnam. With a temperate, cool climate year-round, striking natural landscapes and graceful atmosphere, it is considered a major tourism destination and an ideal resort area for local and foreign visitors. Dalat stands as a “jewel” bestowed to Vietnam, “a city of a thousand flowers, a city of a thousand poems, a city of eternal spring, a city of dreams Four kilometres South from downtown Dalat is located a mountain range rich in biodiversity, a beautiful location with vast lakes, small islands, pine tree hills and touristic fixtures such as the Truc Lam Temple, the Datanla Waterfalls and the Pinhalt Mount, making this area the home of many wonders and a national tourism landmark.